is the Regional Congress for RTTs (Radiation Technologists / Radiation Therapists) in the South and East European region, in cooperation with the wider European RTT community.


The initiative for this Congress as a regional cooperation between countries came out as a positive feedback from the ESTRO / IAEA Train the Trainers project called: „Best Practice in Radiation Oncology – A Course to Train RTT Trainers“. South and Eastern European countries that participated in this initiative developed a series of locally organized courses, which in time through collaboration between these countries grew and finally resulted in a collaborative Regional concept of professional meeting. The first Regional Congress of RTTs (Radiation Technologists/Radiotherapists) was held in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2013, and was a huge success. Two years later it was followed by the SEETRO 2015 that was held in Zagreb (Croatia), widening the number of participants to eight countries. Last year, Sofia (Bulgaria) was the host of SEETRO 2017 which grew to 13 participating countries and covered a considerable number of scientific and professional topics. SEETRO 2019 was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Radiation Therapist – recognised title in ESCO

After many years of negotiating with the European Commission, ‘radiation therapist’ is finally recognised as a profession within ESCO.


We believe

that through the next Congress and many to come, we will carry on with the enthusiasm, cooperation and professional development that has so far proven to be a great experience.